Gower Choir supports 100th Gower Show


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The 100th Gower Show was blessed with a fine day, and it proved to be a fine show.
For the first time in many years Gowers major male choir from Dunvant Male Choir has an official presence.
Five members of the choir manned the nine hour show in two shifts.
New choristers Gwyn Jones with Denis (and Vicky) Greenall were joined by Brian Perkins, Effie Evans and Dewi Morgan.
The Choir stall was well-visited by show-goers and those who had been at our recent Patrons Concert complimented us on the great night. Many other show-goers related stories of past and present choristers or past stories.
A great atmosphere was present throughout the day, many choir CD's were sold and we even had some recruitment enquiries. It was also nice to see some ex-choristers. 
It wasn't a bad day although a little blustery, but we did have an offer of a marquee in future years which would be a bonus should we attend again.

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