Charles Musgrave - Sun City, Arizona, USA 13/11/2013 09:11 am
What a great concert I enjoyed at Koln Cathedral.

Thank you allowing us Yanks to be a part of your audience.

I will be sharing parts of your concert with my musicians in the near future by showing them my video.

I talked with several of your spouses, and I could sense the excitement you each have for making wonderful music.

I particularly enjoyed your arrangement of "Finlandia".

Your national anthem was not familiar to me, but very beautiful. Since I can't remember Wales winning the Olympics lately, I haven't had the chance to hear it before. However, I play in a brass band nearby, and the band master is originally from Wales and he sang it to me!
This concert certainly was one of the high lights of my life.

If your choir ever produces a tour in the southwestern states, please let me know.
I will promote it to the best of my ability.

Charles Musgrave, Bandmaster, the Desert Brass Band,
Sun City, Arizona, USA
Jennifer Ettershank - Australia 13/11/2013 09:10 am
I have a CD called 'Songs from the valleys'. It includes "Amazing Grace" featuring your choir which lists Bryn Terfel Jones as the baritone solo. Is this Bryn Terfel? How long was he with the choir? I am an ex-Mumbles girl, living in Australia but still feel the hiraeth!
Peter Shapton - Blackpill, Swansea 13/11/2013 09:09 am
Our guests, Jacque and Dianne thoroughly enjoyed last evening's rehearsal/concert. It is good to promote Welsh musical culture, and it is always such a pleasure to listen to the choir.
Cathy McLean - My guests from South Africa 13/11/2013 09:08 am
"My Mom and Dad would especially like to thank you for arranging our visit to the choir rehearsal. The choir sang a a lot more than we expected, what with them leaving for Germany the following day, but they were amazing and they made us so welcome.
A real dream come true for my folks.'
Jeannie Skidmore - Weston-super-Mare 13/11/2013 09:08 am
Would just like to thank everyone involved on the Germany tour for making my Dad feel so welcome. He had a fantastic time and felt so at home with you all. He has a variety of names apparently - MacKnob or Andy or Mac or Andrew!! I am Jonny Rog's dreaded Ma-in-law. Thanks again. Jeannie x
Pete, Bristol 01/10/2013 07:35 am
My name is Pete Im 27,I sang with some of you on the ferry to Dover. I can't remember the name but the guy 3rd from the left in the Percy Richards presentation photo (Ray Restall) gave me his badge, thank you. It was a joy to meet you and a honour to sing with you, highlight of my trip.

Thank you

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